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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome To Emmy Week!

Welcome to Emmy Week here at The Cover 3!

This upcoming Sunday is the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards so all week I will have posts relating to the ten main categories at the Emmy's:

- Outstanding Drama Series
- Outstanding Comedy Series
- Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
- Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
- Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
- Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
- Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
- Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
- Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
- Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

I will start off with the Comedy Series posts first and then do the Drama Series next. The main reason for this is because I need to touch up and redo my Drama Series posts as they relate to Downton Abbey. When I wrote my initial posts I had (stupidly) assumed that all the nominations that related to Downton Abbey were for Season One. You see, the Emmy's do not outright tell you which season is being nominated and the main way to tell (at least for me) is by looking at which episodes the actors get nominated from. But Downton Abbey is dumb and they name each episode based upon when that episode is aired during the season. For example, the first episode of Season One is just titled "Episode One" and the first episode of Season Two is also titled "Episode One". Now it's my own idiocy that I assumed Season One and not Season Two but needless to stay I still wrote all my analysis based upon Season One. I have started Season Two and I am hoping to finish watching the series before I post the Drama Series... Nevertheless, my Comedy Series reviews will be posted first for that reason.

DISCLAIMER: I have not seen every single television series nominated and because of that, some of my reviews will be biased. I am not a professional T.V. critic so I do not have time to watch everything that is out there. However, I do watch a crap ton of television and I have seen a large majority of the television shows nominated.

I feel that I have watched most of the shows necessary to comment on the Emmy Awards but I will fully admit there are three shows that I have not seen that I probably should have seen. Those shows are: Boardwalk Empire, Girls, and Veep. Those shows, mainly Girls, probably deserve to get a lot of credit from me but will unfortunately get the shaft just because I do still have *some* life outside of watching television and blogging. (NOTE: Could also, possibly put The Good Wife on this list. However, not only do I not have any desire to see the show, I never will see the show).

Here are the following shows that I *HAVE SEEN* during this Emmy nominated period:

- Breaking Bad
- Mad Men
- Homeland
- Game Of Thrones
- Parks and Recreation
- 30 Rock
- The Office
- Up All Night
- Community
- Archer
- It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
- Unsupervised
- Justified
- How I Met Your Mother
- Glee
- New Girl
- Modern Family
- Saturday Night Live
- Suits
- White Collar
- The Big Bang Theory
- Downton Abbey (hopefully)

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