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Monday, April 16, 2012

Five Baseball Trends That Will Not Last

1) The White Sox will be on top of their division

Right now the Chicago White Sox are 5-3 (64.5 winning percentage) and are only .5 games back behind division winners the Detroit Tigers. I am going to savor this moment because it will not last. I love the White Sox and I hope they succeed and end up- at minimum- with a winning record but I predicted they will finish 4th in the AL Central and will be bad and I still contend this. But for the time being, let the good times roll!

2) The Angels will be bottom dwellers in their division

Even though the Los Angeles offense is essentially Albert Pujols and nobody else, they have the best rotation in the American League and a solid bullpen. Jered Weaver, Dan Haren, and C.J. Wilson are all legitimate #1 starters in this league (plus the Angels also have Ervin Santana who is really good) and their talent will prevail and jettison them to the top of the AL West. Even though the Angels are last in their division and are 4.5 games back behind first place, this trend will not last.

3) Josh Willingham is an elite player in 2012

This year Twins outfielder is tied for 1st in the AL in home runs (4), second in the AL in terms of batting average (.419), and is the 4th best offensive player in fantasy baseball this year. Willingham is good for these type of spurts but do not expect this kind of elite production all season.

4) Albert Pujols is an average to below average first baseman

As of the writing of this post, The Machine has .624 OPS (17th among all first baseball in baseball) and has no home runs and no stolen bases. He may not be the Cardinals Pujols we all know and love while in L.A. but he's not even close to being this bad.

5) I will be in the bottom 4th on my roto fantasy baseball league

At least I hope not. Probably the least likely trend to change on this list.


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