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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Box Score Tonight: Monday Night Football Bears vs. Lions

Box Score Tonight is a bit originally created by The "Bright" One on my old site. He would do the baseball stuff and I started to do the football stuff. It is extremely time consuming to do every weekend and since I am working full time and out of law school I have essentially stopped it completely. But with my beloved Bears playing last night I decided to write up a few things about the game:

- You know that scene in The Avengers where The Hulk grabs Loki and throws him around like a rag doll? That's what I saw when Ndamukong Suh grabbed Jay Cutler and threw him down on that awful sack

- Jay was clearly playing hurt after that play. I assume after hearing all the shit he got after sitting out that NFC Championship game a few years back he decided to play. I personally never questioned his toughness but the dude is a damn rock. That being said Jason Campbell should have played that second half. That's why he was brought in here for and was paid all that money

- I never was a fan of the Mike Tice hire to begin with but after the first six games he's been pretty solid. However, this Lions game for some reason brought out the worst in Tice. The offensive game calling was so timid and so simple that I thought the Bears had rehired Ron Turner for this game.The Lions secondary is atrocious and their front seven didn't play THAT great. This should have been a huge day for Brandon Marshall

- If you're Megatron and you're gonna get shut down, it might as well be by a guy who is so tiny that his nickname is "Peanut" right? Charles Tillman had a phenomenal game against Calvin Johnson and he was on him like white on rice for the ENTIRE game. He's challenging Houston's J.J. Watt as the Defensive Player of the Year

- Holy cow did Matthew Stafford look awful. The Bears D-line was not as dominant as it could have been (although still really darn good) but Stafford consistently missed wide open receivers for this entire game

- You know you're a bad offense when 2012 Brian Urlacher is making big plays and big stops

- I still believe in Illinois' own Mikel LeShoure but the Bears made him look silly as they do all running backs and after his inaugural game has not done much for fantasy owners or Lions fans. Joique Bell is a solid fantasy option as well as he is the clear LeShoure back up

- Jon Gruden is really bad at what he does. There must have been something in the Tampa Bay water 10 years ago because in a sea of great football announcers and analysts right now Gruden and Trent Dilfer sink to the bottom. Jon Gruden made John Madden sound like Cris Collinsworth in this game. I was all for only having two guys in the MNF booth but they should have kept Jaws- a man who is great at breaking down plays and have Gruden be the one that goes

- More great Jon Gruden stuff  with some of his quotes. (Although I really wish I had a transcript of the game so I could write a huge FireJoeMorgan-eqsue post): "The key to neutralize Devin Hester is not to punt", "The Lions must have read the scouting report on the Bears. They knew Jay Cutler likes to throw to Brandon Marshall.", & (after a Lions fumble) "That's what the Bears do. They allow you to run 10-12 plays and then expect you to make a mistake"

- I'm convinced the NFL is colluding against the Bears by giving them the worst audio equipment ever. That's the only logical explanation I can think of for burning a time out early in the first quarter for like 22 straight games. I'm seriously sick of them calling stupid time outs over and over again because the correct offensive play isn't called in on time. I haven't seen any other team call time outs for this like the Bears do.
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