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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Safe Is Your Coach's Job? (Early 2012 Edition)

This list is a compilation of current 32 head coaches in the NFL (as of the writing of this post) as I see fit according to my own personal opinion. Two factors went into the creation of each category as well as where each category ranks among each other. The first and main factor is how safe do I think each individual coach's job is. The second factor, and actually the factor that takes a backseat to the first factor, is how good of a coach do I think each coach is. This is somewhat related to the first point but not really. A coach can be bad at his job but due to his unique situation he will not be fired at the end of this year or be really good at his job yet still get fired no matter what.

Remember, this is not a list of how I think the best coaches in the league are (hell, ESPN creates a list like that every week). This is a list of how safe do I think each coach's job is.

Won't Be The Head Coach Next Year Because He's The Interim

- Aaron Kromer (NO)
- Bruce Arians (IND)

Guaranteed To Get Fired After This Year

- Dennis Allen (OAK)
- Romeo Crennel (KC)

Tipping The Tightrope

- Jason Garrett (DAL)
- Chan Gailey (BUF)
- Rex Ryan (NYJ)

Playoff Or Bust

- Leslie Frazier (MIN)

Should Be Fired But Won't (Too Young On Team)

- Ron Rivera (CAR)

Too Soon To Have An Opinion

- Mike Mularkey (JAX)
- Greg Schiano (TB)
- Pat Shurmur (CLE)
- Mike Munchak (TEN)


- Pete Carroll (SEA)
- Jim Schwartz (DET)
- Mike Shanahan (WAS)

Should Be Fired But Won't (Too Old On Team)

- Andy Reid (PHI)
- Marvin Lewis (CIN)
- Norv Turner (SD)

Seems Like A Good Coach Because His Team Is Outperforming Expectations

- Jeff Fischer (STL)
- Joe Philbin (MIA)

Good, Underrated Coaches

- Lovie Smith (CHI)
- John Fox (DEN)
- Ken Whisenhunt (ARI)

Good Coach Starting Poorly Out Of The Gate

- Mike McCarthy (GB)

Bad Coaches Starting Excellent Out Of The Gate

- Gary Kubiak (HOU)
- Jim Harbaugh (BAL)

Good Coaches Having Excellent Seasons

- Jim Harbaugh (SF)
- Mike Smith (ATL)

Guaranteed To Have His Job For Life But He Is Not Good 

- Mike Tomlin (PIT)

Safest Job In The NFL

- Bill Belichick (NE)
- Tom Coughlin (NYG)
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