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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ten Quick Reactions to the 2013 Golden Globe Nominations (Movie Edition)

To see the full list of Golden Globe Nominees: click here

1) After The Master only received one SAG nomination (Philip Seymour Hoffman) yesterday, it came back with 3 nominations today including one for Joaquin Pheonix, one for Philip Seymour Hoffman, and one for Amy Adams. Smart move Emmy's. I think all three are locks to get (well-deserved) Oscar nominations. Also, I'm happy The Master only earned those three acting nominations and did not earn nominations for Best Screenplay, Best Director, or Best Movie. While the movie is great, it is long and boring and extremely pretentious.

 2) Because the Emmy's are smart and actually have a comedy category along with a drama category for movies (you hear that Academy!) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen comes up big with three nominations including Best Actress (Emily Blunt), Best Actor (Ewan McGregor), and Best Movie (Comedy/Musical). Don't expect any Oscar nominations though.

 3) Speaking of having a Comedy category, Indie and Hollywood darling Moonrise Kingdom garners only one nomination (Best Motion Picture- Comedy/Musical) while The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel earns two: Best Supporting Actress (Judi Dench) and Best Motion Picture- Comedy/Musical. TBEMH has a slim chance to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Moonrise Kingdom does not.

 4) Nicole Kidman is making her push for another Oscar nomination for her work in The Paperboy. She received a SAG nomination yesterday and a Golden Globe nomination today. An Oscar nomination seems likely at this point.

 5) After being completely shunned from the SAG awards, Django Unchained comes up huge this morning. It has received 5 nominations including nominations for Christoph Waltz (Best Supporting Actor), Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Supporting Actor), Best Director (Quentin Tarantino), Best Screenplay (Quentin Tarantino), and Best Motion Picture (Drama). As I wrote yesterday after Django's SAG snubbing- the people shouldn't worry. Thank you Golden Globes for correcting SAG's mistake.

 6) Here is a list of the five nominations for Best Director: Ben Affleck, Ang Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Katheryn Bigelow, and Steven Spielberg. Three of them have an Oscar for Best Director (Lee, Bigelow, Spielberg), one more has multiple Oscar nominations for Best Director (Tarantino), and the last one is the front runner to win the Oscar this year for Best Director (Affleck). Super deep class.

 7) Richard Gere earns a Best Actor nomination for his role in the suspenseful thriller "Arbitrage". However, don't expect him to get any love from the Academy because he's Richard Gere. If the man couldn't even get nominated for his work in "Chicago" then he'll never get one.

 8) I saw Bernie last night and Jack Black was amazing in it. He earns a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in the Comedy/Musical division. As of right now, Black is in my top 5 for Best Male Acting Performances of the year. Sadly, I think he'll also go the way of Richard Gere and not earn an Oscar nod. I'll keep up my wishful thinking though.

 9) I just want to say how disappointed I am in how xenophobic and and discriminatory Hollywood (especially during award season) can be. Life Of Pi was excellent. Ang Lee and his staff did an incredible job. But essentially the movie is Suraj Sharma (who plays Pi Patel) alone on a boat with a CGI tiger. That's it. I don't understand how you can claim this movie is one of the five best movies of the year and not give Sharma any accolades. The movie doesn't work if you don't care about Pi on that boat and Sharma acts the hell out of that movie. When Tom Hanks did the essentially the same thing as Sharma in Cast Away he was a borderline Oscar winner but when an Indian does it we don't even consider him for ANY awards. Hollywood did the same thing a few years back with Slumdog Millionaire (although a better case could be made for snubbing the actors in that movie because of the big cast and plethora of time spent with the main characters as children). However, there is no excuse this time around.

10) Mandatory Silver Linings Playbook update: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence each get nominations for their work in the film (with the help of the fact that they were in the easier Comedy/Musical category, although I think they both get nominations anyways). I think Lawrence is a stone cold lock to get another Oscar nomination and I think Cooper's Oscar nomination is relatively safe as well (especially if he is able to defeat Hugh Jackman from Les Mis.). But in a shocking upset Robert De Niro doesn't get nominated (It seems Christoph Waltz took his spot instead). SLP also earned a nomination for Best Screenplay (David O Russell) as well as Best Motion Picture- Comedy/Musical. Like Cooper over Jackman, if Silver Linings' Playbook can defeat Les Miserables for Best Movie- Comedy/Musical then it could possibly have a snowball effect and win Best Motion Picture at the Oscars. I still think the front runner (and very well should be) is still Argo though.


 11) There was talk that Matthew McConaughey would get an Oscar nomination for his portrayal in the super boring and dull Magic Mike. However, after getting being left of the ballot by both the SAG and the Golden Globes, there is no way in hell he is getting an Oscar nomination. I'm OK with that. McConaughey was fine in Magic Mike but I never understood the hype he was getting.

 12) Quvenzhane Wallis was five years old when she filmed Beasts of the Southern Wild. She (and the movie as a whole) was ineligible from garnering any SAG nominations but the movie seemed like a shoe-in to sweep every other award. It received a whopping ZERO nomination from the Golden Globes. Good. Not only is the movie extremely boring and over hyped but let's not get too excited nominating a five year old for Best Actress.

13) Crap, I need to see The Sessions. John Hawkes and Helen Hunt earn nominations for their performance in the film. Both seem likely to earn Golden Globe and Oscar nomination as well.

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