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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 NFL Wrap Up Special and Post Season Predictions



Wild Card Round

(5) Seattle Seahawks def. (4) Washington Redskins
(3) Green Bay Packers def. (6) Minnesota Vikings

Divisional Round

(5) Seattle Seahawks def. (1) Atlanta Falcons
(2) San Francisco 49ers def. (3) Green Bay Packers

Championship Round

(2) San Francisco 49ers def. (5) Seattle Seahawks


Wild Card Round

(4) Baltimore Ravens def. (5) Indianapolis Colts
(3) Houston Texans def. (6) Cincinnati Bengals

Divisional Round

(1) Denver Broncos def. (4) Baltimore Ravens
(3) Houston Texans def. (2) New England Patriots

Championship Round

(3) Houston Texans def. (1) Denver Broncos


Houston Texans def. San Francisco 49ers

At the very beginning of the season I predicted the Texans to come out of the AFC and the Bears to come out of the NFC (which at the time was a very homer pick. I fully cop to it). I also had the Texans winning it all and I'm not going to change my mind now and I am sticking to my original prediction. If I didn't make the preseason prediction I'd have the Patriots defeat the Texans in the Divisional Round and the Broncos during the Championship game and have the 49ers defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.


Most Valuable Player

- If I had an MVP vote, I'd vote for: Adrian Peterson (MIN)
- The true MVP of the 2012 season: Peyton Manning (DEN)

Rookie Of The Year

- Offensive: Robert Griffin III (WAS)
- Defensive: Luke Kuechly (CAR)

Sophomore Of The Year

- Offensive: A.J. Green (CIN)
- Defensive: J.J. Watt (HOU)

Comeback Player Of The Year

- Peyton Manning (DEN)

Defensive Player Of The Year

- J.J. Watt (HOU)

Offensive Player Of The Year

- Adrian Peterson (MIN)

Coach of the Year

- Jim Harbaugh (SF)

Offensive Coordinator of the Year

- Kyle Shanahan (WAS)

Defensive Coordinator of the Year

- Wade Phillips (HOU)



1) Peyton Manning (DEN)
2) Tom Brady (NE)
3) Aaron Rodgers (GB)
4) Robert Griffin III (WAS)
5) Matt Schaub (HOU)
6) Russell Wilson (SEA)
7) Colin Kaepernick (SF)
8) Matt Ryan (ATL)
9) Andrew Luck (IND)
10) Andy Dalton (CIN)
11) Joe Flacco (BAL)
12) Christian Ponder (MIN)


1) Adrian Peterson (MIN)
2) Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
3) Ray Rice (BAL)
4) Frank Gore (SF)
5) Alfred Morris (WAS)
6) Arian Foster (HOU)
7) BenJarvis Green-Ellis (CIN)
8) Stevan Ridley (NE)
9) Knowshon Moreno (DEN)
10) Ben Tate (HOU)
11) Vick Ballard (IND)
12) Michael Turner (ATL)


1) A.J. Green (CIN)
2) Roddy White (ATL)
3) Andre Johnson (HOU)
4) Reggie Wayne (IND)
5) Demaryius Thomas (DEN)
6) Julio Jones (ATL)
7) Randall Cobb (GB)
8) Eric Decker (DEN)
9) Wes Welker (NE)
10) Pierre Garcon (WAS)
11) James Jones (GB)
12) T.Y. Hilton (IND)


1) New England Patriots
2) Denver Broncos
3) Seattle Seahawks
4) Green Bay Packers
5) Washington Redskins
6) San Francisco 49ers
7) Atlanta Falcons
8) Houston Texans
9) Minnesota Vikings
10) Cincinnati Bengals
11) Baltimore Ravens
12) Indianapolis Colts


1) San Francisco 49ers
2) Seattle Seahawks
3) Denver Broncos
4) Houston Texans
5) Cincinnati Bengals
6) Minnesota Vikings
7) Atlanta Falcons
8) Green Bay Packers
9) Washington Redskins
10) New England Patriots
11) Baltimore Ravens
12) Indianapolis Colts


1) Jim Harbaugh (SF)
2) Bill Belicheck (NE)
3) Mike McCarthy (GB)
4) John Fox (DEN)
5) Mike Smith (ATL)
6) Gary Kubiak (HOU)
7) Bruce Arians / Chuck Pagano (IND)
8) Mike Shanahan (WAS)
9) Pete Carroll (SEA)
10) Leslie Frazier (MIN)
11) John Harbaugh (BAL)
12) Marvin Lewis (CIN)


1) San Francisco 49ers
2) Denver Broncos
3) Seattle Seahawks
4) New England Patriots
5) Houston Texans
6) Green Bay Packers
7) Atlanta Falcons
8) Washington Redskins
9) Baltimore Ravens
10) Minnesota Vikings
11) Indianapolis Colts
12) Cincinnati Bengals


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