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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Initial 2014 Bad Quarterback League Rankings

There are so many versions of fantasy football that you can play. There's the normal fantasy football that everyone knows and loves, there are three team leagues, there are eliminator challenges, and the list goes on and on. However, probably my favorite version of fantasy is doing a Bad Quarterback League. gave this format its inception, and as I far as I know, they are the only website that will give you weekly scoring for free (Grantland also has a format where you can play your BQBL for free, but I wouldn't recommend it. Personally, I find tallying each members score by hand the best method. While it can be a bit time consuming, it's also free, easy, and efficient.) Click here to see the full scoring, and how to specifically set up a league.

I have found that what really wins you this league and what you really want are two things: 1) turnovers and 2) mid-game, non-injury QB changes. However, what you really want to target is just terrible performing quarterbacks. Because Grantland is also half pop culture, there are some "fun" categories like "Penis Picture on Blog" and "Arrested", but I don't think any quarterbacks have gotten these points since the league began. Because of what I call these "scandal points", Cam Newton was drafted during his rookie year. As you know, Cam Newton was a monster on the playing field and was terrible in this format. While it may be fun to take quarterbacks who you think will be a nuisance off of the field, they are essentially useless for your league. I highly recommend just targeting overall bad quarterback play. So with that being said, here is my Bad Quarterback League rankings:

1) Buffalo Bills
2) Arizona Cardinals
3) Minnesota Vikings
4) Jacksonville Jaguars
5) Miami Dolphins
6) Cleveland Browns
7) St. Louis Rams
8) Houston Texans
9) New York Jets
10) New York Giants
11) Oakland Raiders
12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
13) Baltimore Ravens
14) Tennessee Titans
15) Pittsburgh Steelers
16) Cincinnati Bengals
17) Dallas Cowboys
18) Chicago Bears
19) San Diego Chargers
20) Kansas City Chiefs
21) Seattle Seahawks
22) Carolina Panthers
23) Atlanta Falcons
24) Detroit Lions
25) San Francisco 49ers
26) New England Patriots
27) Philadelphia Eagles
28) Washington Redskins
29) Indianapolis Colts
30) New Orleans Saints
31) Green Bay Packers
32) Denver Broncos



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