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Sunday, July 17, 2016

5 Amazing Netflix Originals to Watch Right Now

This post was written by guest writer Cassie from

There is no need to watch television on television anymore because of the advent of Netflix. On top of that, standard shows aren’t the only option for viewers anymore because Netflix has so many outstanding originals to watch. Today, I would like to highlight five of the best that you hopefully haven’t missed.

1) Sense8
Created By: Lilly Wachowski

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: One of the best science fiction shows you will find on Netflix is Sense8. There is only one season out right now, but it’s well worth your time. This show features an ensemble cast and it follows eight different characters of different cultures. All of these characters are complete strangers to one another, but they eventually realize that they are not strangers at all. After they have a vision of the violent death of a woman, they come to the realization that they are “sensates.” Basically, they are all mentally and emotionally connected to each other. Sense8 probably knows some of the events are completely illogical. However, the beauty of this Netflix original is watching the all of the character arcs intersect. A new season is on the horizon, so now is a great time to catch up.  

2) Jessica Jones
Created By: Melissa Rosenberg

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Jessica Jones, one of the lesser known Marvel characters, has her very own Netflix TV series. The story directly follows Jessica Jones as she tries to rebuild her life. She was able to have a brief superhero career, but it was tragically ended. She then becomes a private investigator as she deals with people in New York City who have abnormal abilities. Much like Sense8, there is only one season available for Jessica Jones. This is one of the top two superhero shows on Netflix (the other being Daredevil) and many people have speculated on which one is better. Whatever your opinion, Jessica Jones is worth a watch for any superhero fan.

3) Orange Is The New Black
Created By: Jenji Kohan

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCHOrange is the New Black is a much different show than the two previously listed. We follow Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who lives in New York City, as she adapts to life in prison. Chapman was sentenced to 15 months in a federal prison for transporting a suitcase full of drug money to her girlfriend. Along the way, we see many flashbacks that explain why the other inmates are in prison. The flashback structure of the show is beautifully done and the cast of characters are all generally enjoyable to watch. However, Orange is the New Black also does a terrific job of toying with human emotion. You really get a good feel for every single character and there are few other shows that can say that.

4) Between
Created By: Michael McGowan

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: The first show on this list that doesn't get the recognition it deserves is Between. This Netflix original tells the story of a town that is under siege from a mysterious disease. This disease has wiped out everybody that is 22 years and older and the government has issued a 10-mile quarantine radius. Local citizens are then left to fend for themselves and not everyone is great at it. Between has been criticized for having bad acting and having a terrible script; however, I believe they are blown out of proportion. I believe Between tells its story very well and I think it’s a very entertaining show. The town in the show is very lovely and Jennette McCurdy is definitely the standout character.

5) Daredevil
Created By: Drew Goddard

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: This list wouldn’t be complete without Daredevil. I previously alluded to this being one of the two best superhero shows on Netflix, but I think it's simply the best show on Netflix. We follow Daredevil as he fights crime at night and is a lawyer by daylight. He was blinded as a child and now he has to use his other heightened senses as an adult. The show really picks up in season two, however, when he runs into The Punisher. He is another vigilante, but he uses much darker methods. Daredevil plays on its original source material very well while also offering some of the most impressive action sequences you will find on Netflix. If you watch only one show on Netflix, please do yourself a favor and watch Daredevil.

Don't wait another second and start watching all of these shows today. Just make sure that you can watch them first if you are outside of the US. You probably don’t have to worry about them being taken off of Netflix due to Netflix having make them, but location might be an issue. Unfortunately, some of these shows can only be watched in specific areas. If you are outside any of the available locations, then you may not be able to watch them unless you download a VPN as recommended by Secure Thoughts. A VPN will allow you to change your apparent browsing location so you can access your desired content.

You will also want to keep on the lookout for any additional content that’s being released by Netflix. Not all of its great, but a great deal of it is worth checking out. I don’t think a large organization such as this would intentionally invest in horrible content.

Lastly, I would like to thank The Cover 3 for publishing this article on their site. I've found them to be a great resource for TV information and I would specifically recommend their take on some Emmy-deserving performances for anyone interested.



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