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Friday, March 16, 2012

Drop Dead Gorgeous

My friend Jeffrey Gross from THT (and David "MVP" Eckstein on Game Of Inches) did a short film for a contest in school. He was given a week to write, film, and edit a film but it had to have two caveats: 1) It had to be a film noir film and 2) It had to have the line "I guess I won't be needed this anymore".

The script is actually pretty good and I love the music in the film the problem is the camera work and sound- especially towards the end. I mean, we only had five days to film and edit this thing. Give him a break.

But yours truly ended up doing the voice over and I really like this mini-mystery and how it all unraveled at the end.

Listen to the great voice over at the very end. I love that last line.