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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome To The Cover 3!

Hello all and welcome to my new blog "The Cover 3". The name is a double entendre for both the football defensive scheme as well as for what this blog is all about. This blog will discuss the three things I enjoy most in this world: (1) fantasy sports, (2) all things pop culture, and (3) actual sports. These are the three things I will cover here on The Cover 3.

I have decided to branch out from my former blog Sports: A Game Of Inches due to creative and personal reasons. I'm glad I was able to start a blog with three great friends but I have decided that it is time for me to branch out on my own.

Stealing a page from Bill Simmons' Grantland page with his "The Triangle" and "Hollywood Prospectus" I too have decided to have nicknames for each of the three area I will cover. "Fantasy Island" is a name taken from the 1970's television show is where I will discuss all things fantasy related- mainly fantasy football and fantasy baseball. "Trivia Night" will be all things related to pop culture- music, movies, television shows and much more. This name is derived from all the bar room trivia nights I have attended. Lastly, we have "The 46" which is a reference to the great Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan's scheme in which I will discuss all things sports related. My main forte's are Chicago sports and my two main sports are baseball and football but I'll be adventurous and branch out every now and then. I also plan on having guest contributors to the site to add richness to The Cover 3 that I sadly can not add to it on my own.

One last note before I leave you to explore this wondrous blog, comments have been disabled from the site. My old site received WAY too much spam in their comments and frankly I believe it to be unnecessary. If you wish to comment please feel free to do so on our Facebook Page.

I hope you enjoy and if you do please tell your friends and click on my advertisements.