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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Greatest Songs of The 2000's

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Recently, Vh1 did a special on the 100 Greatest Songs of the 2000. And it was god awful. Not only was the host- Fall Out Boy's Pete Wendt- so boring, and dull, and lifeless, and Al Gore-esque but holy crap did Vh1 really miss the mark. I'm not going to rank 100 songs but I will correct the top 20.

1) Hey Ya (2003)
Artist: Outkast

2) Hurt (2002)
Artist: Johnny Cash

3) Seven Nation Army (2003)
Artist: The White Stripes

4) Crazy (2006)
Artist: Gnarls Barkley

5) Gold Digger (2005)
Arist: Kanye West f/ Jamie Foxx

6) 99 Problems (2004)
Artist: Jay-Z

7) SexyBack (2006)
Artist: Justin Timberlake

8) Float On (2004)
Artist: Modest Mouse

9) Rehab (2007)
Artist: Amy Winehouse

10) Lose Yourself (2002)
Artist: Eminem

11) Take Me Out (2004)
Artist: Franz Ferdinand

12) Mr. Brightside (2004)
Artist: The Killers

13) Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (2008)
Artist: Beyonce

14) Californication (2000)
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers

15) I Believe In A Thing Called Love (2003)
Artist: The Darkness

16) Yeah! (2004)
Artist: Usher f/ Lil' John and Ludacris

17) Clocks (2002)
Artist: Coldplay

18) Drop It Like It's Hot (2004)
Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ Pharrell

19) Are Your Gonna Be My Girl (2003)
Artist: Jet

20) Stacy's Mom (2003)
Artist: Fountains of Wayne


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