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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Top 10 Best Reactions on Twitter to the How I Met Your Mother Finale

Tonight was the series finale to one of my favorite sitcoms: How I Met Your Mother. While I personally strongly disliked it, many people on Twitter seem to be defending it. Or yelling at people for hating it. Or upset the Pineapple Incident wasn't explained. To my surprise, there was not a lot of hate over the finale on Twitter. There were WAY more people yelling at those who hated the finale rather than outrage for the finale itself. But since I didn't like it, and just saying you liked it isn't very interesting, here are the top 10 best reactions on Twitter to the How I Met Your Mother finale:

10. Only one explanation: the finale was written after 2 AM. Nothing good happens after 2 AM

9. Ted met his wife romantically and I'm gonna meet mine on Tinder #yolo -@rizstain-

8. Thankfully I will have something uplifting  in #GameOfThrones premiere next week after #HIMYMFinale -@theladyrohn-

7. After the #HIMYMFinale, Michael Vick is now the FOURTH most hated thing in America -@dgbottom-

6. Turns out the final slap was the writer's slapping the viewers in the face -@Munkie91087-


4. You would think the How I Met Your Mother finale would show Ted Mosby's wife licking wedding invitations or something? -@PatrickNotaro-

3. Haaaaave you met Ted? Yes but now I wish I hadn't -@TeamHellions-

2. Pretty much what the show should have been called: How I Met Your Mother Still Want To Bone Your Aunt Robin -@ilipen-

1. The #HIMYMFinale was Legen... wait for it... awful -@calonzoAZ-

BONUS FROM FACEBOOK (Rebecca Rosen): The finale was a major disappointment. Major Disappointment! *salute*

What did you think of the How I Met Your Mother series finale?


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